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Let’s Be Friends

Dear Friends, 

Thank YOU for dropping by to my website – where opinions are my own even if I am promoting a business and/or raising money for a project. I am a self-proclaimed Macro Queen and Jill of All Trades and possibly a master of something or a few things. I live in my own world and strive to do the best that I can. I do not seek nor need approvals. Hence, this website is appropriately titled “The World of DOM-ism” where I can be the perpetual optimist in constant revival and renewal stages. 

Life takes us on different journeys even though we only have one life. I am who I am because of planned and unplanned detours. The past few years, I was blessed to see the world as I traveled with my family. After traveling to several third world places, it is rather refreshing for me see myself matured to be independent of technology… at least for a few days and at most a week. I no longer am stressed because there is a rolling blackout and I have no internet access. The idea of living off the grid has been an immense interest of mine of late. 

Currently, my personal project is to be an #UrbanHomesteader and hopefully to enjoy pseudo sustainable living in some near future. I have no interests in raising my own livestocks, though I did grow up with a walk-in birdcage with quails and such. If anyone is interested in #gardening, please join me in my pursuit to become a #MasterGardener by 2020. Also, please check out my Galleries and feel free to support my work. I want to turn my hobbies into passive incomes… not a get rich scheme by any means… but a hobby to make money from my hobbies.

In my professional life, I am developing film and TV projects, as well as am a business consultant for several EB-5 Projects. I only engage in projects that I am wholeheartedly interested in. Life is not always about the money… though making money does help makes life a tad more comfortable, no? So, please click on the “Dom’s World” tab to read more about the various projects.

I welcome all constructive comments, so that I can learn and grow from you. Please refrain from bringing negative energies here… you will not be welcomed. Again, thank YOU kindly for sharing some of your valuable time with me virtually. Wishing you an utmost wonderful day.

Very truly yours,

Dominique N. Thieu