Double Double. Cameron Herold. Texas: Greenleaf Book Group Press, 2011. 222 pp.

Review from October 2, 2014.

In Double Double, Cameron has put his 25+ years of real-life personal and work experiences of tried-and-true systems that work.  Many of the systems have been resonated through others like Dale Carnegie and Charles M. Schwab, to name but a few.

Cameron has succinctly broken down the chapters and created an action plan for daily, weekly, monthly and annual activities. 

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Cameron starts out each chapter with a profound quote from various entrepreneurs.  This is a great way to get your mind stimulated.  I used to start out my trial brief with a quote to draw the judge’s attention and foreshadow the case.

I especially like the fact that Cameron is truly giving you a guide.  He points out that technology is here to stay and you need to get on it or be left behind.  He makes some profound statements which completely resonates on their own.  Here are some that I find noteworthy:

  • “The iPhone is like a huge ‘presence’ condom. It numbs the feeling.” (202). So true.  We are married to our smartphones. I go to dinner and see people on their cellphones instead to talking to each other. I am guilty of that, too, and now will make an effort to keep from texting unless it’s a true emergency like someone is dying.
  • “Firing is as important as hiring.” (75).
  • “If you are building an entrepreneurial company, you need to build an entrepreneurial culture to go with it.” (50).

I love the “Painted Picture” concept.  This is like a business plan, but better.  I find it quite interesting that Cameron encouraged us to share our Painted Picture.  This goes against what we learn about keeping business plans confidential.  I used to for NDAs.  The Painted Picture does not go into the nitty gritty of actual financial projections, etc., so this is something I can love since I’m dyslexic.

Here are some of the cool hip and innovative concepts:

  • Don’t open and read email until 4pm. What?  This will take some work. Cameron is right that nothing is so pressing that a few hours cannot wait.  I will probably start at 12 noon and then work my way.  As of now, reading and sending email is the first thing while in my warm bed on my cellphone.  It sets the tone of my day because if I see a bad email… that’s all I am thinking as I head into the shower and then to the office.  The day is doomed.  So, good sage advice.
  • Work hard, play hard. This is my mantra but it is hard to follow.
  • Take time to be alone and think. Enough said.

There are so much more sage advice and you would need to read the book to get the whole picture.

Cameron’s goal for this book is that it be the “BackPocket COO Guide” and that is exactly what this book is all about.

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