It is always a nice surprise to walk through my garden and see what’s happening with the plants and what little critters are visiting. Today, I found 3 young #caterpillars that will become #MonarchButterflies. Besides them, I spotted 2 #armyworms. One near my tomato plants in the backyard – which is a huge concern. The other was on my #MorningGlory vine in the front yard. I had to google it since I actually never seen an #armyworm before. 


Needless to say, the armyworm is a moth of some sort… and he’s not pretty. My research says that the armyworm is more damaging to corn plants than tomato plants, so I will keep an eye out for now and hope that my tomato plants stay safe.

As for the caterpillars… well, I specifically grew butterfly #milkweeds to invite more lovely butterflies to my garden, so they were a welcomed sight.

So I am excited to welcome more butterflies as my garden progress in 2018.

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