I recently opened my probably 10-years old boxes of #Prismacolor colored pencils and art supply boxes because I have decided to start doing art again this year. In particular, I started working on my own concept art for an animation project since I felt I wasted money on hiring this allegedly renowned animator/artist who did not even opened my email of hours of notes I gave him on what I wanted (I digressed).

It’s been quite a while since I worked with Prismacolor and wanted a way to carry my pencils around and how to easily access them while working on projects at home or on the go. 

So I looked on #Google, #Pinterest and #Amazon. There were so many ways out there, but my goals were to have something portable and practical

I knew I specifically wanted an organizer that held each pencil individually and not a band of 3 (that way the pencils would not easily fall out) and I didn’t want to pay over $25. I even thought of sewing my own pencil holder as a cool DIY project when I came across this neat little carrier on Amazon. I purchased the blue one for $16.99 plus tax with free shipping as a Prime member. I have put some links to the right there for you to find it easier on Amazon. I think as of this blog writing, they were out of the blue colors. 

Then I used my Uni-Ball Signo Gel Pen to write the pencil numbers so that I know exactly where I pulled the pencil out from so that I can easily put it back in its proper place. I initially had 2 ways (alphabetically and numerically) that I had organized my color swatches (which I will blog about in a follow up post later).

However, I ended up organizing the pencils in the order from a chart I found on the internet by Artist Lauren. You can download the chart there, print it out and color for your own reference. But I still use my own charts for easy references to the color names and numbers.

I think I will eventually get the entire current 150 colored pencils one day. 🙂   So I numbered the complete set in both organizes and swatches.

I also did color swatches with the different paper types I had. I have quite a few 9″ x 12″ pads of Bristol vellum surface as well as Mixed Media and Drawing paper from yesteryears that are still good. I did my color swatches based on Artist Lauren’s chart. This way, the order coincides with the what I put in my pencil case. I left empty spots for colors I have yet to own; and I added the 6 retired / discontinued colors at the end. I had 4 open slots left and that was perfect for the additions of a Prismacolor Ebony, Derwent Burnisher & Blender and Prismacolor Blender, in that order. I initially put the Prismacolor Blender on the end for easy access. 

Had I not have the 6 retired Prismacolor colored pencils, I would probably use the 10 slots for a blender and graphite pencils. 

I did color swatches on different paper types because I wanted to know how the colors laid and how they blend with different techniques and/or solvent(s). It was also a good reminder (and educational) for me on how to work with Prismacolor colored pencils.

I would love to know how you organize your pencils and art supply so that I can see if I can improve my methods. Thanks in advance.

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