I needed to organize my home library. But where to start. I wanted a cataloguing system so that if I go and buy a book, I would like to know if I already have it or not. I hate it when there’s a book on my mental wishlist and I see it on sale or at one of the Dollar Bookstore and purchase it only to come home with a second copy.

But the optimist in me doesn’t get mad…  I started to give books away at one of my networking events and/or book club meetings.

I have been researching on a good App to keep a catalogue of my home library… and a system to log whom I loaned my books to since people tends to forget to return my books. 

I came across #LibraryThings. I am quite excited to try this system. I can log online from a computer. I have downloaded an App to my iPhone and have been able to scan the barcode and the book’s cover and pertinent info is added to my catalogue. There’s a whole online community as well.

And its sister component is the #LibraryCat which is an online cataloguing system that is an upgrade and may be what I need in the future to catalogue books I loan out. However, I am not at that stage yet… so stay tuned. 

So far, I really like #LibraryThings. I love the scanning barcode. I have used other Apps in the past, but this one seems user friendly. It also tells you who has your book in their library and recommends book for you to read based on what books are in your library.

So, check out my library. Link with me. If you are up to it and local, join me at a book club or let’s host one. Happy Reading.

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