Every new year, we start to think about resolutions. Many people stick it through for a few months while others may not even try… knowing that they will just fail. I have yet to meet someone who has kept up with the resolve to be successful with his/her New Year’s Resolutions for the entire year.

I am generally not a fan of making new year resolutions. I often confuse making resolutions with goal settings because I feel that they are one and the same… unless the resolutions are just about breaking bad habits. Though, I would like to think that I am more successful wth goal settings since some of my projects are realistic, with deadlines and more likely attainable.

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Regardless, this year, 2018, I have embarked on creating a #BulletJournal to hold myself more accountable for my goals and schedules, instilling C.S. Lewis’ quote in me: “You are NEVER too old to set another goal or dream a new dream.” 

Forget about defining what is a “resolution” and what is a “goal”. My theory is that if I feel like doing something and it will take place in the future or need some time to complete, then I write it down on my New Year’s Resolution list and simply figure how to do it. My very own: Mindful-Mindset Principle.

After experiencing several years of personal growth and hard life lessons, it is just a matter of a marriage between being mindful and in the right mindset. What’s the difference?

Well, it is very timely that I came across the article by #AngelaZimmerman – “Shift to a Growth Mindset With These 8 Powerful Strategies” – where she discusses Developing a Growth Mindset:

  1. Create a New Compelling Belief
  2. View Failure in a Different Light
  3. Sky Rocket Your Self-Awareness
  4. Become a Curious Learner
  5. Challenges are Your New Best Friend
  6. Love Takes You to the Top
  7. Tenacity That Ignites
  8. Massively Inspired by Others

Mindfulness is beautifully explained in “Peace is Every Step” by (Buddhist Monk) Thich Nhat Hanh. I had read the book in 2016; and it inspired me to create one of my artwork: Mindfulness. 

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Briefly, mindset is a set of beliefs about ourselves and our abilities / potentials.

Mindfulness, on the other hand, is the way we think that focuses on awareness of the present.

So my Mindful-Mindset Principle simply means that when I am mindful of my present situation/state, I am more acceptive and receptive of my feelings, sensations and emotions where I can essentially use that and (re)act accordingly based on my capabilities at the time based on the knowledge and facts known to me.  And the results can be a form of meditation – therapeutic even in relieving stress and/or aiding positive thinking. I will essentially reprogram myself to not overthink things.

So, as I start 2018, I will work on honing my mindset to increase my abilities while focusing on being mindful to be more aware of my potentials and develop my own personal growth. 

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