The peacock is a devastating handsome creature with some of the most sought after and admired characteristics: compassion, integrity, renewal, beauty, royalty, love, kindness, protection, prosperity, glory, immortality and so forth.

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For thousands of years, many cultures have believed that the peacock carried spiritual healing energy that can help seek balance and harmony. 

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Ancient legends have it that the flesh of the peacock does not decay. Thus, Christians adopted the symbol of the peacock to represent immortality. Other symbolic representations include resurrection and renewal because the peacock sheds its feathers and replaces them annually; therefore, linking the peacock to Christ. Early Christian paintings and mosaics used imageries of peacocks with its beautiful fan tail representing the “all-seeing” church or the “all-seeing eye of God”.  

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The peacock is also considered a manifestation of the heavenly Phoenix on Earth. Myths have it that the peacock feather can rise from the ashes just like the Phoenix.  

Luminous King

In Buddhism, the peacock represents purity; and the feathers are used for purification ceremonies. Interestingly, the peacock also represents openness and suffering in Buddhism. Openness because the peacock tends to display their feathers when it spreads its tail. Peacocks also can eat poisonous plants, so they have the ability to survive facing suffering. A white peacock is symbolic of nirvana.  

Legends have it that the Deity Quan Yin has created the peacock. Deity Quan Yin had the opportunity to become immortal but chose to live on Earth to aid humanity with spiritual evolution. Through her compassionate spirit, Deity Quan Yin taught the people to live together as friends. So, when she left for Heaven, she called forth a dull-looking bird and rub her face and brushed her hands down the length of the bird’s feathers. This created a kaleidoscope of colors and beautiful eyes on each of the bird’s feather. The peacock feathers tell us that the Deity Quan Yin is watching over us. Deity Quan Yin appointed the peacock as a guardian to keep Earth peaceful. The peacock is the watcher of all. A cry from the peacock is a call to the Deity Quan Yin to come help her people.  

The peacock is a reminder for us to show our true colors. 

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